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Perfect overseeding every time regardless of the operator

Are you tired of dealing with the challenges of manual seeding and overseeding? Are uneven turf quality, excessive seed costs, and inconsistent results giving you sleepless nights? Look no further!

Our cutting-edge Traqnology GPS Autosteer system is here to revolutionize your seeding and overseeding practices, ensuring unparalleled precision, efficiency, and exceptional turf quality.

Accurate overseeding with Traqnology GPS

Seeding and overseeding can often be tedious and frustrating, with challenges in ensuring even turf coverage and avoiding over- or under-application. With Traqnology GPS, these tasks become effortless. This advanced system allows for seeding or overseeding with centimeter precision, ensuring the perfect amount of grass is applied uniformly. This precision not only saves time and reduces seed costs but also achieves the best possible turf quality.

Save time + seeds, and grow superior turf with Traqnology.

The Future of Seeding: Precise, Efficient, and User-Friendly

Traqnology GPS ensures precise overseeding, guaranteeing the best possible application and turf quality. Its user-friendly design allows even novice operators to achieve professional results.

This system saves on seed costs by applying the exact amount needed, making efficient overseeding accessible and cost-effective for everyone.

Turftraq for a Flawless Lawn

Leave the guesswork behind, cultivate a green masterpiece. Traditional seeding and overseeding can be a gamble – too little seed leads to patchy growth, while too much smothers existing turf. Turftraq eliminates the risk:

  • Unmatched Precision for Seeding & Overseeding: Ensure every inch of your field receives the exact amount of seed needed for optimal germination and growth. No more patchy results, just a uniform, lush lawn.
  • Guaranteed Consistency: Eliminate the possibility of uneven application, whether you’re planting a new lawn or revitalizing an existing one. Turftraq delivers precise coverage for a thick, healthy turf from edge to edge.
  • Maximized Seeding Results: Get the most out of your efforts, regardless of your project. Turftraq optimizes seed placement for guaranteed success, transforming your lawn into a thing of beauty.

Turftraq: The secret weapon for a flawless lawn.

Stretch your seeding budget further. Turftraq eliminates waste and optimizes results, saving you money in the long run:

  • Precision Seeding (cm-accurate): Ensure every inch of your field receives the perfect amount of seed, maximizing germination rates and eliminating patchy results.
  • Reduced Seed Waste (up to 20%): Stop throwing money away on overseeding. Turftraq’s precision application minimizes waste, saving you on every project.
  • Effortless Efficiency: Cut down on machine operation time and labor costs. Turftraq streamlines the seeding process, maximizing productivity.

Turftraq: Seed smarter, save more. Contact us today and unlock a more efficient future.

Seeding and overseeding shouldn’t be a physical strain. Turftraq’s innovative features transform these tasks into precise and comfortable endeavors:

  • Effortless Steering: Let Turftraq handle the repetitive movements. GPS autosteer minimizes fatigue and keeps your crew comfortable throughout long days in the field.
  • Reduced Strain: Eliminate the need for constant course correction. Turftraq ensures accurate seed placement, minimizing physical exertion and allowing your crew to focus on quality control.
  • Simplified Operation: The user-friendly iPad app puts fingertip control over the entire seeding and overseeding process at your fingertips. Focus on achieving beautiful results, not complex controls.

Turftraq: Where precision meets comfort, for a healthier turf and a happier crew. Contact us today and experience the difference.

Seeding and overseeding made simple, professional results guaranteed. Turftraq’s user-friendly software and iPad app empower anyone to achieve:

  • Simplified Setup: Create precise seeding and overseeding patterns with ease, no prior experience required. The intuitive interface guides you through the process.
  • Smart Seeding Tracking: The software automatically tracks your progress, documenting vital data for effortless record-keeping. No need for manual logs.
  • Professional Precision, Every Time: Turftraq delivers the accuracy and efficiency you expect, ensuring consistent, professional results across your entire project.

Turftraq: Put the power of professional seeding and overseeding at your fingertips.

Did you know…?

Seeding Less Can Mean More Grass!

Traqnology’s GPS technology ensures you apply exactly the right amount of seed during seeding or overseeding. This eliminates wasteful overseeding and promotes healthier, more even turf growth. Here’s why:

  • No More Seed Wars: Traqnology’s precision seeding prevents overcrowding, ensuring each seed has enough space for healthy root development.
  • Uniform Coverage, Every Time: Say goodbye to patchy lawns! Our system guarantees consistent seed distribution for a lush, beautiful green carpet.
  • Optimized Growth: With the right amount of seed, there’s less competition for water and nutrients, leading to stronger, more resilient turf.

Traqnology GPS: Seed smarter, grow better.

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Ready to revolutionize your approach to seeding and overseeding? Begin a new era in turf care with Turftraq. Contact us today to explore how the Traqnology GPS Autosteer System can enhance the efficiency and accuracy of your seeding processes.

Move beyond the traditional, cumbersome methods of seeding. Discover the fastest, most precise seeding solution with Traqnology’s GPS Autosteer System, tailored to transform your turf management practices. Ensure your fields receive the optimal foundation for growth and health, benefiting everyone who enjoys them. With Turftraq, you’re not just planting seeds—you’re cultivating excellence, powered by Traqnology.

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Dive deeper into what Traqnology has to offer! Whether you're curious about our advanced turf care products or eager to experience a hands-on product demo near you, we're here to guide you. Reach out today and elevate your turf game with Traqnology.

Claus Bjerre

Founder & Director // Traqnology

Schedule a demo of our userfriendly Turf Care products near you

Dive deeper into what Traqnology has to offer! Whether you're curious about our advanced turf care products or eager to experience a hands-on product demo near you, we're here to guide you. Reach out today and elevate your turf game with Traqnology.

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