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Perfect mowing patterns with Dedicated gps and autosteer

Forget uneven stripes and wasted time! Traqnology eliminates the frustration of inconsistent mowing.

Our system delivers laser-sharp lines, optimizes overlap for maximum efficiency, and lets you program any pattern – from classic stripes to UEFA and FIFA-approved designs.

Focus on your game, and leave the perfect field to Traqnology!

patented uefa patterns mowing solution

Precision GPS Mowing with Endless Patterns

Mow like a pro, effortlessly. Traqnology’s GPS-guided mowing unlocks a world of creative possibilities. Choose from a library of stunning patterns, or design your own, and let our technology handle the precise execution, transforming your lawn into a masterpiece.

Traqnology Mowing: Where technology meets artistry

Swizz army knife among GPS Systems

Traqnolgy GPS technology can revolutionize turf care by providing adaptable, precise, and efficient solutions for various turf maintenance tasks.

The Traqnolgy GPS system can be used on any steering wheel machine, its portability between machines is unique, and its has generic templates for almost any turf care job.

Achieve Tournament-Ready Fields

Introducing a revolutionary mowing solution for professional soccer fields. Traqnology GPS utilizes advanced technology to guarantee compliance with UEFA and FIFA’s stringent mowing patterns.

Experience the benefits:

  • Effortless Precision: Achieve the exact lines and patterns mandated by professional leagues.
  • Unmatched Efficiency: Minimize mowing time and maximize productivity.
  • Consistent Quality: Maintain flawless playing surfaces, every time.

Traqnology GPS: The secret weapon for tournament-ready soccer fields.

Maximize Efficiency with Turftraq

Stretch your turf care budget further. Turftraq doesn’t just elevate the quality of your work, it saves you money in the long run:

  • One System Does It All: Eliminate the need for dedicated mowing equipment. Turftraq easily installs on any machine in your fleet, from lawnmowers to tractors.
  • Quick & Easy Savings: Swap the system between machines in minutes, maximizing your investment and minimizing downtime.
  • Reduced Labor Costs: Automated mowing with Turftraq allows you to optimize manpower, potentially reducing the need for additional crew members.

Turftraq: Transforming your turf care operation, one precise mow at a time. Contact us today to learn more.

Long days shouldn’t mean a sore back. Turftraq’s GPS precision and autosteer technology take the stress out of mowing:

  • Effortless Steering: Let Turftraq handle the repetitive movements. Autosteer minimizes fatigue and keeps your crew comfortable throughout long shifts.
  • Reduced Physical Strain: No more battling the wheel or wrestling with uneven terrain. Focus your energy on maintaining a pristine turf, not fighting the machine.
  • Enhanced Focus and Productivity: Reduced fatigue translates to a sharper crew. Turftraq keeps your team focused and productive, allowing them to mow for longer with greater precision.

Work smarter, not harder. Experience the ergonomic benefits of Turftraq. Contact us today!

Effortless planning meets intuitive operation. Turftraq empowers you with a powerful software and iPad app combination:

  • Simplified DXF Import: Effortlessly import field layouts for precise mowing patterns, saving you time and ensuring accuracy.
  • iPad App for Every Task: Our user-friendly iPad app provides intuitive control over mowing, line marking, and other turf care tasks.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: Gain instant feedback on your progress and make adjustments on the fly, optimizing every pass.

Turftraq: Where software meets control, putting precision and efficiency at your fingertips. Contact us today to learn more.

Did you know…?

The German and UEFA Stipulate Different Dimensions for Turf Pattern

Incidentally, the lawn patterns are not created by different lawn lengths or lawn mixtures according to new stadiums under construction. This is all about the right cutting technique or cutting direction and the right lawnmower.

The best way to do this is to use a cylinder mower with a roller, which ensures that the blades of grass are in different directions when mowing, thus creating a pattern. In German professional football, the first three stripes are exactly 5.5 meters from the baseline, so that the stripes run exactly on the goal area line, the penalty spot and the penalty area line. This is followed by five strips of 5.37 meters each and two narrower strips with a width of 4.57 meters and 4.58 meters respectively. So the last strip ends exactly on the center line.

According to UEFA guidelines which are arranged for stadium construction companies and are used for European competitions and international matches, the first three stripes are also 5.50 meters wide. This is followed by another strip of the same width. The following five patrols each measure 6.10 meters.

WHat we do

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Ready to redefine mowing and mowing patterns on your turf? Begin a new chapter in turf maintenance with Turftraq. Get in touch today to uncover how the Traqnology GPS Autosteer System can revolutionize your mowing practices.

Move past the traditional, inefficient mowing methods. Welcome to the fastest, most precise mowing experience with Traqnology’s GPS Autosteer System, designed to transform your turf care routine. Ensure your fields, players, and spectators enjoy the impeccable appearance and health of your turf. With Turftraq, excellence is just the starting point—Traqnology ensures it.

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How it works

Satellites send GPS data to both physical base stations & your machine.

Physical bases send satellite data to our servers in an underground data center.

From the data we recieve from the physical base stations, we create a map with corrections.

Through the cell connection of the iPad, we recieve your machines GPS location.

Our servers send back the RTK corrections for your location.

You get sub-inch, repeatable, GPS accuracy.

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Dive deeper into what Traqnology has to offer! Whether you're curious about our advanced turf care products or eager to experience a hands-on product demo near you, we're here to guide you. Reach out today and elevate your turf game with Traqnology.

Claus Bjerre

Founder & Director // Traqnology

Schedule a demo of our userfriendly Turf Care products near you

Dive deeper into what Traqnology has to offer! Whether you're curious about our advanced turf care products or eager to experience a hands-on product demo near you, we're here to guide you. Reach out today and elevate your turf game with Traqnology.

Claus Bjerre

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