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Meet Spraytraq – A GPS Autosteer Solution for Fertilizing

With Spraytraq, Traqnology introduces a cutting-edge spraying solution that allows you to leverage the latest technology in spraying for both new and used sprayers.

Our system is even compatible with sprayers that don’t have a cab, as our solutions meet IP67-68 standards or better. The user interface is intuitive, user-friendly, and runs on an iPad.

Accurate and cost saving fertilizing with GPS autosteer

Elevate your turf management with Spraytraq:

Our GPS autosteer solutions elevate your fertilizing operations to new heights, ensuring precision and efficiency even on days when a substitute handles the spraying tasks. With our advanced technology, every pass is as accurate as the last, making your fertilizing process smoother and more reliable, regardless of who is behind the wheel.


Our software calculates and designs your desired pattern, making it a breeze to create unique designs and ensure accurate placement.

Whether you’re looking to add an extra element of visual interest to your sports field or create a unique branding opportunity, our GPS autosteer moving patterns can help.

If you’re looking for a user-friendly and intuitive interface specifically designed for golf and sports turf applications, take a closer look at Spraytraq.

Traqnology has developed this solution in consultation with Greenkeepers and Groundsmen to address the unique needs of this particular segment.

If you already own a Traqnology product, a significant portion of the equipment can also be used in combination with Spraytraq. This is applicable if Spraytraq and your existing solution are not intended to operate simultaneously.

If you’re operating with outdated or basic spraying equipment, you don’t have to settle for less. Our Spraytraq solution offers an excellent opportunity to retrofit your current system, transforming even the simplest of sprayers into a state-of-the-art piece of technology. The benefits are twofold: not only will you significantly enhance the operational efficiency and precision of your spraying tasks, but you’ll also realize substantial cost savings over time.

Upgrading your existing setup could be one of the smartest investments you make, and it’s easier than you might think. Don’t get left behind in taking advantage of the latest technological innovations in spraying solutions. Reach out to our trusted dealers today for a customized quote that could redefine how you think about your existing or future spraying operations.

Did you know…?

One of the standout features of Traqnology’s Spraytraq solution is its Swivel Compensation. This advanced feature ensures that the sprayer intelligently selects the best combination of nozzles to deliver the precise dosage you need.

What makes it unique is that it adjusts in real-time based on the current speed at each nozzle’s location on the boom. This means you get accurate and consistent application, compensating for the varying peripheral speed across the boom. Experience pinpoint accuracy like never before with Spraytraq’s Swivel Compensation!



How it works

Satellites send GPS data to both physical base stations & your machine.

Physical bases send satellite data to our servers in an underground data center.

From the data we recieve from the physical base stations, we create a map with corrections.

Through the cell connection of the iPad, we recieve your machines GPS location.

Our servers send back the RTK corrections for your location.

You get sub-inch, repeatable, GPS accuracy.


The highlights

Dosage can be entered in liters/m2, liters/ha, ounces/1000 sq ft, or gallons/acre.

Speed-dependent dosing

GPS-controlled section shut-off

Individual nozzle control with GPS and unlimited nozzle count

Auto-select nozzles with up to 4 nozzles per location

Automatic swivel compensation (based on speed & nozzle location)

Load allocation maps

Allocation reports

Boom height control


Spraytraq is revolutionizing the way fertilizing and spraying tasks are conducted on fields, parks, and parking lots. Designed to work seamlessly with any Apple iPad that has a USB-C port, starting with Spraytraq is straightforward and efficient. Simply download the Spraytraq App from the Apple Store to get started. After the installation, log in, create a user profile, and embark on your first spraying project.

Both newcomers and experienced professionals will be amazed by the effectiveness — with Spraytraq, activities such as fertilizing, pesticide application, and liquid treatments are executed with unprecedented speed and precision, establishing a new benchmark in field and park maintenance.

Our extensive library ensures you have access to field templates for a wide range of sports. Whether it’s football, soccer, rugby, or any other game, SportsTraq has got you covered. One of the standout features is the automatic saving of field designs to our secure cloud. This not only ensures the safety and integrity of your layouts but also means that there’s no risk of data loss, offering you peace of mind.

At Traqnology, we understand the needs of our users. We’ve designed SportsTraq to be not just functional but also intuitive. Its user-friendly interface ensures that even those new to digital layouts will find it simple to use. The term “relevant” in our motto signifies its adaptability and contemporary design, keeping up with the times and requirements of modern sports organizations.

With Sportstraq, the future of sports field marking is here. Experience efficiency, precision, and convenience like never before. Join the SportsTraq community today and elevate the standards of your sports field marking.


Top Row: Shows GPS connection, paint nozzle control, measure tool. 

Middle: Users. Bottom: Nearest fields. 

New field and designs

Here you key in information about a new line marking – you choose the sport, the size and the way you want to design your field.

Field design A-B

By selecting a side line or goal line and show the equipment the direction of the line, you can create a new field from right where you are. You can measure distances, select at which side of the line you want to drive etc. The field can then be adjusted in length and width.

Field design – Satellite map

Use a satellite image, place field,adjust dimensions, & save. 2. Or drive one sideline, enter dimensions, & your done. 

Line mark field

Here you can mark your fixed posts in football or rugby so the lines will fit the placement of your posts even if they are not placed exactly where they should be.

You can follow the software on what line to mark or select the line you wantwhen you want it. Its that easy! 

Field design – aligned

You can easily place your fields on a map, copy, slide and rotate your fields so you are sure they are aligned in the way you want it.

Over marking

We have designed an uncomplicated user interface for over marking in a cooperation with actual users, so all you need is 2-3 taps on the screen and you can start working.

History & planning

In ‘Field designs’ you can plan which field designs you want to be active in ‘automatic help to selection of nearest field’. You can look up line marking and fields by different criteria and edit the information. This is relevant for planning a day’s work or invoicing and statistics.

Documentation & backup

Every time a field is marked, the data for who did what, where and when is stored, so invoicing and correct documentation is in place. All information is stored on a central server so you can retrieve it should your iPad break down.



Each component is modular & is easy to move from machine to machine.

Spraytraq will work on an UTV with easy or power steering.

Installation can be completed on-site or with one of our dealer partners.

Installation, calibration, & training takes 1 full day for most installations.

iPad is required upon installation. Customers may supply their own.


GPS Receiver

iPad unit

Assisted Steering

other similar tasks

Mowing Seeding Fertilizing Aerification road marking Snow Clearing

Get Started Today

Ready to transform how you manage fertilizing and spraying on your fields and green spaces? Embrace unmatched precision and efficiency with Spraytraq. Contact us now to explore how our state-of-the-art GPS technology can revolutionize your field, park, and parking lot maintenance.

Bid farewell to the old, labor-intensive methods of spraying and fertilizing. Advance to the next level with Spraytraq’s cutting-edge GPS system, merging superior hardware, autosteer capabilities, and intuitive software for an unmatched application experience. Guarantee your spaces and those who use them benefit from the highest quality care.

With Traqnology, achieving excellence is just the starting point.

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Schedule a demo of our userfriendly Turf Care products near you

Dive deeper into what Traqnology has to offer! Whether you're curious about our advanced turf care products or eager to experience a hands-on product demo near you, we're here to guide you. Reach out today and elevate your turf game with Traqnology.

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