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Superior Aeration for Parks, Fields & Courses

Forget the slow, tiring drives and constant steering of traditional aerification. Traqnology GPS takes the grunt work out of the process. Our system ensures pinpoint precision, leaving your employees less exhausted and your budget happier.

Increased productivity, reduced wear and tear – Traqnology Aerification: A smarter way to healthy turf.

Stress-Free Aeration, Superior Results

Aerification has long been every operator’s nightmare. The process is not only extremely difficult but also mentally and physically demanding. Achieving perfect alignment without overlap is nearly impossible, and maintaining the exact distance between passes strains the neck, back, and shoulders. However, with GPS technology, operators achieve better alignment and quality effortlessly. This results in superior turf quality and significantly less operator fatigue, making aerification a less stressful and more efficient task.

Aerification made easy: Healthier Lawns, Happier Operators.

The Advantages of GPS Aerification

GPS aerification reduces costs by minimizing overlap, saving up to 15% in resources and up to an hour of work daily.

It enhances turf quality through precise alignment and consistent aeration, and improves the work environment by reducing physical strain and mental fatigue for operators..

Achieve core placement perfection with Turftraq. Our innovative aerification solution prioritizes precision for optimal turf health:

  • Smart GPS Technology: Leveraging a combination of GPS, multiple GNSS satellite constellations, and our basestation network, Turftraq delivers unmatched accuracy, ensuring consistent core spacing and depth.
  • Eliminate Overlap and Missed Spots: Say goodbye to uneven aeration patterns. Turftraq guarantees precise core placement, maximizing the effectiveness of your treatment.
  • Boost Efficiency and Reduce Costs: Accurate core placement minimizes wasted effort and ensures optimal results, maximizing your return on investment.

Turftraq: Where precision meets efficiency, delivering superior aeration results for a healthier, thriving turf.

Get more out of your turf care budget. Turftraq’s GPS-powered aerification delivers precision that pays for itself:

  • Reduced Overlap (8-15%): Eliminate wasted passes and resources. Turftraq ensures accurate core placement, maximizing the effectiveness of every treatment.
  • Streamlined Operations: Save up to an hour per day with automated guidance. Turftraq optimizes your workflow, minimizing labor costs and machine wear.
  • Smart Investment: Achieve superior results while reducing expenses. Turftraq’s efficiency translates to significant cost savings over time.

Aerate smarter, not harder. Invest in Turftraq and watch your savings grow. Contact us today to learn more.

Aerate your turf, not your crew. Turftraq’s GPS technology prioritizes operator comfort and well-being:

  • Automated Precision: Ditch the constant steering corrections. Turftraq handles the repetitive movements, minimizing fatigue and strain on your back, shoulders, and arms.
  • Reduced Neck and Shoulder Discomfort: No more twisting and turning to check implement alignment. Turftraq takes care of precise positioning, allowing your crew to focus on the job at hand.
  • Minimized Mental Exhaustion: Eliminate the stress of maintaining perfect alignment. Turftraq automates the process, keeping your operators focused and productive throughout long shifts.

Turftraq: Because beautiful turf shouldn’t come at the expense of a sore crew.

Transform complex tasks into intuitive control with Turftraq’s software and iPad app. This powerful duo empowers you to:

  • Simplify Layouts and Mapping: Effortlessly import field layouts via DXF files, saving time and ensuring accuracy for any size or shape of turf area.
  • Pre-Made Layouts for Every Field: Take advantage of our extensive library of pre-made layouts for common field configurations, eliminating the need for manual setup for standard tasks.
  • Instant, User-Friendly Control: The intuitive iPad app provides fingertip control over all aspects of your aeration process, from core spacing to depth. Make adjustments on the fly and monitor progress in real-time for optimal results.

Turftraq: Software and iPad app working in harmony to put effortless control at your fingertips.

We choose high-quality, well-tested components from Western suppliers (USA, Canada, and Denmark).

We do everything we can to ensure high uptime as we understand it’s essential for our customers, especially when much of the work is performed close to or during the weekend to ensure optimal conditions for competitions and matches.

Should any issues arise, we are just a call away. Our experienced team at Traqnology understands that time is money and uptime is critical. We have a unique diagnostic tool allowing us to test connections and devices and take over the operation of customer’s equipment with their permission, ensuring swift troubleshooting and fine-tuning.

We don’t manufacture painting equipment or sell paint. Our GPS equipment supports and collaborates with several companies specializing in painting equipment, such as Graco, New Stripe, Fleet, Linemark, Pioneer, etc.

Did you know…?

Traqnology GPS doesn’t just make aerification easier, it protects your valuable equipment too! Our system records and displays Points of Interest (POIs) like irrigation systems and hidden turf equipment. This advanced warning system significantly reduces the risk of costly repairs to your aeration tines and irrigation systems.

Aerify smarter, save more: Traqnology GPS – for beautiful lawns and protected equipment.

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Leave behind the old, labor-intensive methods of aerification. Experience the most advanced, effortless aerification process with Traqnology’s GPS Autosteer, ensuring your turf receives the essential care it needs for optimal health and performance. Your fields, players, and visitors deserve the highest quality – and with Turftraq, Traqnology ensures that’s exactly what you deliver.

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Dive deeper into what Traqnology has to offer! Whether you're curious about our advanced turf care products or eager to experience a hands-on product demo near you, we're here to guide you. Reach out today and elevate your turf game with Traqnology.

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Schedule a demo of our userfriendly Turf Care products near you

Dive deeper into what Traqnology has to offer! Whether you're curious about our advanced turf care products or eager to experience a hands-on product demo near you, we're here to guide you. Reach out today and elevate your turf game with Traqnology.

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