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American Slam in Southern Ohio

SLAM lines 600 fields per week with Traqnology equipment – the best equipment

At American SLAM in Southern Ohio, sports fields need to be marked every day – many sports fields. The American company marks approximately 600 fields in the southern part of the state each week, and to succeed, they rely on their equipment functioning properly. That’s why SLAM uses the innovative and efficient GPS system from Traqnology, which eases the physical workload at SLAM while creating a faster process.

User-friendly and excellent customer service

One thing is that Traqnology helps SLAM Services complete the task faster than previously possible, but it also has to be easy to use to be attractive in everyday life, and this is something Joey Curran is sure about. “It’s the best equipment I’ve ever experienced for the kind of work we do. It’s some of the best spray equipment, and it’s so easy to use. You just put the information into a tablet, and then it’s really easy to mark the fields.”

In addition, Joey Curran also highly values the customer service he experiences at Traqnology. At Traqnology, there are experts who can help in the USA, but it has never been a problem to contact the Danish headquarters and the owner, Claus, if there are problems. “The customer service is top-notch, the best I’ve experienced. Both here in the USA and in Denmark, where I can pick up the phone and call Claus at any time of the day. You can’t ask for better service.

Traqnology is a “moneymaker”

SLAM Services has been in the marking industry for 23 years and marks about 600 fields per week in the Dayton/Columbus area in Ohio. They mark a wide variety of sports fields, including football, American football, lacrosse, and even quidditch. With so many fields each week, time consumption per field is an important factor for the business, and here Traqnology’s GPS system has had a significant impact on SLAM.

“We save about 60 minutes per person per field. With Traqnology, we can make an entire football field in about 12 minutes. It used to take three people around 25 to 30 minutes, so it’s definitely a time saver and thus a moneymaker for us since we can cover many more fields per week,” says Joey Curran.

First marking is a thing of the past

One of the biggest challenges in maintaining sports fields is the periods when no sports are played on the fields, as groundsmen face a dilemma. Either they must continue to mark over the summer break to prevent the fields from disappearing, or they must engage in a time-consuming first marking at the start of each season.

With Traqnology, you can say goodbye to both paint wastage over the summer and the long, time-consuming first marking in the spring. It’s easy to remark the field with the smart GPS system, which they also experience at SLAM Services. “We have seasons in spring and fall, and when they don’t play in the summer, we no longer need to mark the fields. So they actually disappear over the summer, and normally it would take a long time to do a new first marking. But with Traqnology, the GPS recognizes where the field is, and then it’s super easy to start marking after the season,” says Joey Curran.

Get Traqnology’s GPS system for your sports fields

Traqnology is designed to be easy to use and time-saving for you as a groundsman. It’s your new colleague on the sports field, helping you to make your work faster, less physically demanding, and ensures precise and straight line marking every time.

Does this sound like something for your business? You can read more on our website and do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions or are interested in a GPS system from Traqnology.