Easier than you think

With SportsTraq we have had a stringent focus on keeping the user interface as simple and relevant as possible.

Marking up of existing fields

All types of stadiums are preprogrammed into the software, and you simply select the type of track you want. The software is downloaded to the iPad, which then is used as the control device.

All other components used are standard components with a proven quality.

Marking up new fields

With a new field you have different ways of starting the marking.

  1. Select or adjust the placement, length/width of the field based on a preprogrammed suggestion.
  2. Mark placement of corner flags or goal post and generate a field from that
  3. Use a map as background – the software will suggest a standard field and you can move it with your finger on the screen, so it is placed correctly on the map.

Basic approach

With SportsTraq you have various options to mark up a  sportsfield:

  1. You can measure the length of the football field with the vehicle and scale the size (length/width) so it fits the area. The finished field is displayed in an airial view.
  2. You can key in a position, e.g. your goal posts and the App generates the football field from that.
  3. You can select a standard football field in a drop down menu and adjust it in length and width
  4. You can vary the size of the football field to match the number of players: Options are 3:3, 5:5, 8:8 and 11:11

Each operator has his/her own profile, so you can see, who’s been painting which fields. Each football field logs a specific number, so you can easily retrieve it, when you have to repaint.

SportsTraq can be attached to any vehicle with either power steering eller electric-assited steering to follow a predefined route and carry out its dedicated task. Standard vehicles are pre-programmed into the software. The placement of the tool or appliance used for a given task is programmed into the software by the operator. And once it is programmed, the placement is stored and can be retrieved any time you need it.