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Allerød Municipality, Denmark

Allerød is a rather small municipality and we markup approx 58 acres (21 hectares), so we see the advantage of Sportstraq in the flexibility it provides. We did all the line marking manually, so it saves us both time and workload to use Sportstraq.

NSC, Minneapolis, US invests in Sportstraq

With its 688 acres (245 hectares), the National Sports Center of Minneapolis is the world's largest amateur sports facility, and quite a decent size sports facility that has a considerable workload when it comes to line marking. NSC invested in a Sportstraq solution from Traqnology four months ago, and Head Grounds Keeper Ben Wallin is quite happy with the result.

Skanderborg municipality, Denmark

We markup approx. 176 acres (63 hectares) or what corresponds to 150 football fields. With the SportsTraq solution, we save approx. one man-year and our paint consumption has been reduced by 20%.

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