NSC, Minneapolis, US invests in Sportstraq

Ben Wallin, Head Grounds Keeper at the National Sports Center, Minneapolis

With its 688 acres (245 hectares), the National Sports Center of Minneapolis is the world’s largest amateur sports facility, and quite a decent size sports facility that has a considerable workload when it comes to line marking. NSC invested in a Sportstraq solution from Traqnology 4 months ago, and Head Grounds Keeper Ben Wallin is quite happy with the result.

‘We mark 56 sports fields on average maybe 3 times a week. We have many different sizes and we are constantly rotating our fields to reduce the wear. We normally spend ½-3/4 of an hour with two skilled people on field layout alone and then approx. the same time on actually painting the fields afterwards. With the Sportstraq solution, all this is done in one work process so we have reduced both the manpower and the line marking time by more than 50%.

But it is not merely saving time that counts, with the GPS-based Sportstraq solution we can also be absolutely sure that the field is marked up 100% accurately, so we are quite satisfied with the result. The only downside I can think of is that I have gained some weight since we started up with Sportstraq, but I guess I cannot blame that on Traqnology’.

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