The elements

The SportsTraq solution includes the following elements:

The App and Display

The App provides a highly intuitive and well-structured user guidance, which is developed based on actual user input. Only relevant information is shown, and access to the previous line marking jobs requires minimal input from the operator. A basic license is granted as part of the delivery. It is developed for iPad Pro tablet with SIM card.  The iPad is not part of the supplied solution for practical reasons.


SportsTraq can be attached to most compact tractors and UTV-vehicles in the market, and standard vehicles are preprogrammed into the software.

Joystick control

Multiple options are offered to provide the most cost efficient and ergonomic control handles for operator support, steering and control of the vehicle.

Spray system

Any type of paint container can be used with the included spray nozzle, thereby increasing the efficiency in carrying out paint jobs – maybe even carry out several jobs in one go. Placement of tools and appliances for a given task is programmed into the software by the operator. Once it is there, it can be retrieved any time you need it again. The Spray system is typically sourced locally.

Intelligent controls and algorithms

ECU running the software (includes gyros, compass, important sensor inputs and measurement units). For steering and control of the vehicle, the solution includes an electrical motor for hydraulic power steering or electric-assisted steering to be able to follow a predefined route and carry out its dedicated task. SportsTraq can be used on fast-moving vehicles (up to 15-20 km/per hour). This makes it the fastest solution in the current market. It provides extremely high-precision routing, as the solution is based on RTC/GPS localization.

GPS components

GPS receiver and multiple antenna solutions for mobile communication (depending on market) can be used. To provide the required GPS precision down to +/-3 cm (sub inch), either a modem or a base station solution is included.

Did you know…

SportsTraq can be applied to most existing UTVs or compact tractors with power-steering?

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