SportsTraq is the first in a series of new unique GPS-based auto-steering solutions from Traqnology.

It is specifically designed to handle line marking of sports fields in a new and user-friendly way.

  • SportsTraq will offer comfort and convenience for the operator when carrying out line marking of sports fields.
  • SportsTraq provides excellent ROI – a high yield in terms of efficiency, precision and reliability.
  • SportsTraq helps groundsmen getting things done fast and with precision.

Significant time saving

  • No off-loading of equipment as the vehicle is ready to go
  • All initial line markings and over markings are done quickly and easily
  • Pitch designs are stored for later retrieval making handing over of marking tasks quick and easy

Improvement in operator environment and comfort

  • Dry ‘indoor’ environment ensures same efficiency regardless of the weather conditions
  • An uninterrupted work flow and automatic path control give the operator a less strenuous work day
  • Better ergonomics for material handling – less heavy lifting of equipment

High quality in the initial line markings

  • High-precision GPS technology that provides RTK precision – down to 1-2cm accuracy.
  • Straighter lines
  • No need for control measurements – highest possible quality in the automatic, initial line marking

An attractive investment

  • Can be mounted on most existing vehicles
  • It uses well-known and reliable components – it’s an App on an Apple tablet
  • Higher efficiency in the use of paint

Organisational flexibility and planning options

  • Less dependency on specific individuals
  • Combine different tasks in one and save time – cut the grass, and proceed to line marking with the same equipment
  • Improved design and overview of marked fields – use existing and preprogrammed templates
  • Integrated planning tools, you always know when it is time to repaint and who did it last time
  • Automated documentation and statistics integrated
  • Moving three times faster than current line marking options – this saves you a lot of time during the day

Did you know…

You can choose between marking up handball, rugby or football fields with a SportsTraq solution?

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