Faq list


How accurate is the solution?

As we use a correction signal (RTK) you can expect an accuracy of 2-3 cm. However, this can vary slightly depending on location and chosen technical solution. Please consult us for specific information.

Can we mark up other things than a football field with the SportsTraq solution?

We have prepogrammed a large number of football fields into the current version, but we expect to come with many other types of sports fields in one of the coming software updates.

What can we do, if we already have fixed goal posts?

You just start the marking from one of the goal posts and the App calculates the placement of the field accordingly – you can move the field with your finger to any position on the iPad touchscreen.

Which type of vehicle is needed to use the SportsTraq solution?

You do not need a specific vehicle, as most commonly used vehicles are compliant with the SportsTraq solution.

How do I keep track of when it is time to over mark a field?

All paint jobs are logged in the App, and you can easily find out who did which field and when, as everything is well-documented.

How much faster is the SportsTraq solution?

SportsTraq is approx. 3 times faster than existing marking solutions, so you can increase your efficiency considerably – it allows the vehicle to move at a speed of between 15-20 km/hour.

How many people are needed to mark up a sports field with the SportsTraq solution?

You only need one person behind the wheel to use a SportsTraq solution, and he can even start by mowing the grass, if that is what you want, as the SportsTraq solution can be mounted directly on the grass mower in most cases.